Convert GPT hard drive partition to MBR

If you want to image hard drives for later use, this GPT to MBR partion conversion will help you on your way.

Posted by Ryan Desmond on December 06, 2013

As with most technology trends, smaller is better. We have been receiving quite a few new Dell laptops recently. They all use solid state micro SATA hard drives. In terms of performance it's awesome; solid state drives are very fast. However, in our IT shop, when we purchase computers we tend to purchase a lot of the same make and model. By doing this we can create images specific to make and model with all the appropriate programs and drivers our users need.  Creating these images speeds up the deployment process tremendously.

The new laptops we have been receiving as of late come with solid state hard drives and have been partitioned with GPT. This presents an issue when trying to create an image for duplication because by design they are more secure. In order to to get around the GPT format we convert the drive to MBR in order to use our imaging method.

To convert a solid state hard drive from GPT to MBR follow these steps which includes the imaging process:

Please note, if you follow the steps below it will wipe all data from your hard drive.

  1. Remove SSD from laptop
  2. Place in Startech mSata to Sata converter
  3. Place in Sans Digital HDD bay
  4. Go to disk management; make not of disk number
  5. Go to CMD; run as administrator
  6. Type:  diskpart
  7. Type: select disk #         (# = the disk number identified from step 4)
  8. Type: clean
  9. Type: exit
  10. Go to disk management
  11. Initialize Disk #         (# = the disk number identified from step 4)
  12. Format as NTFS
  13. Image SSD
  14. Place SSD back in laptop
  15. Go to BIOS
  16. Boot Menu
  17. Turn off Secure Boot
  18. Save and Exit